FrostNet Ltd evolved out of the design consultancy of T.F. and J. Frost, which was established in 1989.

Since then we have undertaken many R & D projects for a variety of clients. These include several medical applications and 3D Stereo OpenGL graphics

Software experience: Borland Developer Studio, C++ & Delphi, Window GUI, 8051 Embedded Systems, Real Time Programming, National Instruments FlexMotion Library, Multiprocessor Systems, Client Server Databases.

Hardware experience: Active & Passive Filters, Amplifiers - Low Noise, High Speed, High Input Impedance Systems, Power FET Switching Circuits (to 5kV), Analogue Audio, Power Amplifiers, Switching Amplifiers, GAL/CPLD programming.

Project experience: Project Management, Documents, Manuals and Test Procedures to ISO9001 and Documentation for FDA applications

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FrostNet Ltd. Registered company no. 04765778.
VAT no. GB 8159 19507
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